Preliminary Program

Sessions of Main Conference


Session 1: Classification, Clustering, Prediction I

Khedher Ibtissem, Khedher Marwen, Rjaibi Neila and Faiz Sami A Road Classification Approach Based on Road Traffic Severity Analysis regular
Iyad Jaber, Yousef Hassouneh and Maha Khemaja An Enhanced   Feature Selection Approach Using Capuchin Search Algorithm for   High-dimensional Biological Data Classification regular
Moalla Hounaida, Aiman Ghrab, Amine Bahloul, Bassem Ben Hamed   and Leila Abid Exploiting   Pre-trained Architectures for Dual-Stream Classification of LCA-RCA in a   Private AngioData regular
Lakhder Boudhane, Mohamed Amine Djennah and Thouraya Merazi   Meksen Decision   Making Help during Ultrasonic Inspection of Materials short

Session 2: Arabic Language and Text Processing I

Beldi Amal, Richa Jean Raphael, Sassi Salma, Chbeir Richard and Jemai Abderrazek A Novel   Approach for Extracting Summarized RDF Graph from Heterogeneous Corpus regular
Jinghong Li, Koichi Ota, Wen Gu and Shinobu Hasegawa A   Text Block Refinement Framework For Text Classification and Object   Recognition From Academic Articles regular
Houssem Turki, Mohamed Elleuch, Monji Kherallah and Alima Damak Arabic-Latin   Scene Text Detection based on YOLO models regular

Session 3: Learning I

Amani   Drissi, Ahmed Khemiri, Salma Sassi, Anis Tissaoui, Richard Chbeir and   Abderrazak Jemai A Hybrid   Machine Learning Approach for Automatic Experts Recommendation Systems regular
Marc Velay, Fabrice Popineau, Arpad Rimmel, Bich-Liên Doan and   Fabrice Daniel Benchmarking   Robustness of Deep Reinforcement Learning approaches to Online Portfolio   Management regular
Moenes Ben Soussia, Khadija Bousselmi and Hanen Idoudi Deep   Reinforcement Learning-based Load Balancer Using Kubernetes regular
Buket Sonbas Cobb and Fethi Candan Improving   Workplace Safety in the Cargo Industry through Posture Monitoring Using   Mediapipe and Machine Learning regular

Session 4: Classification, Clustering, Prediction II

Chetan   Parmar, Elmar Wings and Thomas Peetz Near Real Time   Prediction of Vibration in 3D Printed Flettner Rotor Demonstrator regular
Ada-Astrid Mocanu and Adrian Iftene PuzzleNN:   A Neural Network for Image Segmentation based on Clustering regular
Marwa Faydi, Amira Zrelli and Tahar Ezzedine PM2.5   Prediction Using Deep Learning Models short

Session 5: Arabic Language and Text Processing II

Samira Ellouze and Maher Jaoua Using   Embedding Keyphrases to Evaluate Arabic Text Summaries regular
Florin Harbuzariu, Cosmin Irimia and Adrian Iftene Official   Document Text Extraction using Templates and Optical Character Recognition short

Session 6: Learning II

Mohammadd   Nahin Islam and Doina Logofătu A Comparative   Study on Machine Learning Methods through Evaluating the Impact of   Contributing Factors on the Accuracy of Soil Moisture Prediction regular
Asma Ayari, Mariem Chaabouni and Henda Ben Ghezala New   Learner Model for Intelligent and Adaptive E-learning System regular
Ahmet Tuğrul Bayrak, Emre Begen, İsmail Utku Sayan and Olcay   Taner Yıldız Point   of Sale Fraud Detection Methods via Machine Learning regular

Session 7: Medical Issues I

Ahmed   Zaghdoud and Olfa Jemai A Metaplastic   Neural Network Technique for Human Activity Recognition for Alzheimer’s   Patients regular
Othmen Fares Ben Ayed and Ines Bayoudh Saadi A   Multidimensional Framework to Study the Clinical Decision Support System regular
Raoudha Nouisser, Salma Kammoun Jarraya and Mohamed Hammami A   Review of Vision-based Abnormal Human Activity Analysis for Elderly Emergency   Detection regular
Nodira Nazyrova, Salma Chahed, Miriam Dwek, Stephen J. Getting   and Thierry Chaussalet Discovering   Drug-Drug Interactions Using Association Rule Mining from Electronic Health   Records regular
Feriel Hamdaoui, Amra Sghaier, Ahlem Bdioui and Sihem Hmissa A   Machine Learning Model for Cancer Staging, Case Study: Uveal Cancer short

Session 8: Optimization and Systems I

Meriem   Hsayri and Mounira Tlili A Novel Multi   Stage Optimization Algorithm for a 3D-BPP Resolution regular
Sarah Boeckel and Doina Logofătu Approaches   for Solving a Dynamic Stacking Problem in Uncertain Environments regular
Imen Boujnah, Mounira Tlili and Ouajdi Korbaa Hierarchical   Production Planning Frameworks for Multi Product Multi Stage Batch Plants regular
Abdennour Ilyas Benfriha and Lamia Triqui Sari A   Cooperative Model for a Two Level Dsitribution Network with Multi-storage   Locations and Types short

Session 9: Neural Networks

Melek   Aydin, Murat Taskiran, Nihan Kahraman and Hatice Vildan Dudukcu A Fusion-Based   Deep Neural Networks Approach for Face Liveness Detection regular
Abdul Hannan Ayubi, Furkan Taskin, Osman Caglar, Sergen Asik,   Cem Baglum and Uğur Yayan Evaluation   of Deep Neural Network Quality by CleanAI Coverage Metrics Library regular
Wiem Grina and Ali Douik Face   Expression Neutralisation Using Variational Autoencoder Generative   Adversarial Network regular
Haythem Ghazouani, Walid Barhoumi, Gwanggil Jeon and Ezzeddine   Zagrouba Unraveling   the Black Box: Interpreting CNNs for Leaf Disease Detection through Model   Analysis and Feature Importance short

Session 10: Medical Issues II

Marwa   Afnouch, Olfa Gaddour, Fares Bougourzi, Yosr Hentati, Abdelmalik Taleb Ahmed   and Mohamed Abid Automatic Bone   Metastasis Classification: An In-depth Comparison of CNN and Transformer   Architectures regular
Daniela Petrea, Georgiana Ingrid Stoleru and Adrian Iftene Leveraging   Convolutional Neural Networks for Malaria Detection from Red Blood Cell   Images regular
Moez Balti, Rahma Bouhadida and Abderrazak Jemai Optimization   of Home Health Vehicle Routes regular
Nadia Hocine, Mohamed Bouasria Ould Moussa and Sara Ait Ali PosiCalculia:   An Adaptive Virtual Environment for Children with Learning Difficulties regular
Mihai-Andrei Costandache, Paula-Luiza Balint, Narcis-Ștefan   Barat, Cosmin-Constantin Bîrzu, Daniel-Iustin Bodnariu, Ovidiu Gabor and   Adrian Iftene TreatMedApp   – Diagnosis and Treatment System regular

Session 11: Optimization and Systems II

Marwen Amiri, Abdelaziz Hamdi and Aref Meddeb Performance   Evaluation of Path Loss Models for Internet of Wearable Things regular
Manel Elmsalmi and Abdessalem Jerbi Prioritizing   Barriers to I4.0 Integration in Tunisian Supply Chains regular
Sana Rabhi, Tarek Abbes and Faouzi Zarai Transfer   Learning-based IoT Botnet Detection regular
Sofiene Abidi and Amina Soltani Optimization   Model for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Problem in Smart City short

Session 12: Education

Marwa   Zaabi, Walid Hariri and Nadia Smaoui A Review Study   of ChatGPT Applications in Education regular
George-Gabriel Constantinescu, Valentin Stamate, Danut Filimon   and Adrian Iftene Book   Reckon – The use of Virtual Reality in the Creation of Libraries of the   Future regular
Mounira Chkiwa, Moez Chkiwa and Fatma Achour Student   Knowledge Evaluation System: A Case of Application of Fuzzy Logic in   Intelligent Education regular
Mariem Bellal, Asma Mejri and Lilia Cheniti-Belcadhi Towards   a Quality-Driven and Ontology-Based Recommender Framework for Open   Educational Resources regular
Walid Bayounes, Ines Bayoudh Saâdi and Lassad Hamroun NajahniBot:   An Intelligent Chatbot aware of Educational Context for Adaptive Learning short

Session 13: Image Processing

Amal   Jlassi, Khaoula Elbedoui and Walid Barhoumi ACCP-MC-U-Net:   Automatic Corpus Callosum Parcellation from brain MRI scans using MultiClass   U-Net regular
Muazzez Buket Darici and Atilla Ozmen Comprehensive   Analysis of Image Registration Techniques on Brain MR Images regular
Raoua Khwildi and Azza Ouled Zaid Evaluating   the Impact of Perceptually Uniform Encoding on the Performance of Feature   Descriptors for HDR Image Retrieval regular
Derya Uysal and Uluğ Bayazıt Learning   Weight of Losses in Multi-Scale Crowd Counting regular
Zekeriya Eren Kaymakcı, Meftun Akarsu and Ceyda Nur Öztürk Multiple Small-Scale Object Detection in Aerial Vehicle Images using Standard or   Optimized YOLO Detectors regular

Session 14: Data Issues

Wiem   Baazouzi, Marouen Kachroudi and Sami Faiz A Journey to   Enhance Tabular Data FAIRness: From Annotation to Repair and Augmentation regular
Amal Abid, Mounira Tlili, Feten Maaroufi and Ouajdi Korbaa A   Management Analysis Tool to Support Healthcare Resource Planning in Public   Hospitals during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study regular
Gülsüm Yiğit and Mehmet Fatih Amasyali Exploring   the Benefits of Data Augmentation in Math Word Problem Solving regular
Ghassen Hamdi, Abdelmoutia Telli and Mohamed Nazih Omri Personalized   OLAP Queries under Hierarchical Visualization Constraint regular
Asma Omri, Djamal Benslimane and Mohamed Nazih Omri Approach   For Probabilistic Semantic Big Data Indexing under an Uncertain Environment short

Session 15: Security/Privacy and Ontologies

Houda   Akremi, Mouhamed Gaith Ayadi and Sami Zghal Complex   Ontology Alignments using OWL Ontologies Embedding regular
Farid Yessoufou, Elie Chicha, Salma Sassi, Richard Chbeir and   Joel Hounsou CROWDPRED:   Privacy-Preserving Approach for locations on Decentralized Crowdsourcing   Application regular
Sameh Guerfal, Nourchene Ouerhani and Ahmed Maalel Ontology-based   Representation for Emergency Management Response regular
Ahmed Saidane and Ali El Kamel Towards   DDoS-aware Routing in SDN Using Cross-layer Knowledge Transfer regular
Dawood Behbehani, Nikos Komninos, Khalid Al-Begain and   Muttukrishnan Rajarajan Open   Banking API Security: Anomalous Access Behaviour short

Special Sessions

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Special Session 1: Data Science at the Service of Biology and Healthcare (DSSBH)

Mohamed   Fakhfakh and Lotfi Chaari A Fully   Automatic Bayesian Model for Adaptive Activation Functions in Artificial   Neural Networks
Öykü Eravcı and Nalan Ozkurt Arrhythmia   Detection with Custom Designed Wavelet-based Convolutional Autoencoder
Marwen Sakli, Chaker Essid, Bassem Ben Salah and Hedi Sakli Deep   Learning-Based Multi-Stage Analysis for    Accurate Skin Cancer Diagnosis using a Lightweight CNN Architecture.
Eya Abidi and Sahbi Bahroun Detection   of COVID-19 Based on CT-Scan and X-ray Images with Deep Convolutional Neural   Network
Siwar Chaabene, Bassem Bouaziz, Amal Boudaya, Lotfi Chaari and   Anita Hokelmann Early   Mild Cognitive Impairment Detection Using Cognitive-motor Tasks and Machine   Learning
Bouchra Guelib, Nawres Khlifa and Rayene Bounab Embedded   Gene Expression Data Based On RidgeClassifier For Alzheimer’s Disease   Classification

Special Session 2: Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for Remote Elderly Monitoring (MDLTREM)

Moez   Balti, Ghada Somrani, Meriem. Bouhachem and Abderrazak Jemai AI Based Video   and Image Analytics
Dorsaf Zekri, Ahmed Snoun, Thierry Delot and Marie Thilliez Context   Sensitive Detection of Long-term Elderly Behavior Change

Special Session 3: Smart Supply Chain Management (SSCM)

Ines   Sbai and Saoussen Krichen Big Data   Analytics Architecture for Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Tunisian   Case Study
Khouloud Elloumi, Chawki Saidi and Mounir Benaissa Design   of a Fuzzy Controller for Intelligent Control of an Adaptive ConWIP System
Ayla Amamou, Lilia Sidhom, Alaeddine Zouari and Abdelkader Mami Sustainability-based   Multi-capital Approach for the Agri-Food Supply Chain: Research Trends Based   on Bibliometric Review
Nawel Kortas and Habib Youssef The   Performance of Smart Supply Chain Management within Cloud and IoT environment

Special Session 4: Data Science at the Service of Biology and Healthcare (DSSBH)

Haifa   Ghabri, Wyssem Fathallah, Hedi Sakli and Mohamed Naceur Abdelkarim Enhancing   Maternofetal Ultrasound Images Toward Boosting Classification Performance on   a Diverse and Comprehensive Data
Hajer Ouerghi, Olfa Mourali and Ezzeddine Zagrouba Generalized   Multi-modal Medical Image Fusion Method using NSML and WLF in NSST Domain and   YIQ color space
Péter Lehotay-Kéry, Gabriella Kicska and Attila Kiss Genome   Classification with Deep Learning Using Heuristic Algorithms for   Hyper-parameter Optimization
Marwen Sakli, Chaker Essid, Bassem Ben Salah and Hedi Sakli Lightweight CNN Towards Skin Lesions Automated Diagnosis In Dermoscopic Images.
Zainab Haddad, Brahim Mahamat Yaya, Hsouna Zgolli, Desire   Sidibe, Hedi Tabia and Nawres Khlifa Retinal Pathologies Detection in OCT Images Based on Bilinear Convolutional Neural Network
Abdelbaki Souid, Soufiene Ben Othman, Mohamed Hamroun, Hedi   Sakli and Mohamed Naceur Abdelkarim Explainable CBMIR Features Extractor Module to Ease Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Retrieving Preventing Potential Acute Aortic Dissection

Special Session 5:

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for Remote Elderly Monitoring (MDLTREM)
Amor   Feriel, Mzoughi Hiba, Njeh Ines and Benslima Mohamed Glioblastomas   MRI brain Tumor Segmentation Using Optimized 3D-UNet model
Ahmed Khlifi, Mohamed Othmani and Monji Kherallah Novel   Approach For Scene Semantic Segmentation Using The Recurrent-Based UNET
Marwa Ben Ammar, Faten Labbene Ayachi, Riadh Ksantini and Halima   Mahjoubi Pre-Trained   Deep Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Breast Cancer Diagnosis   in Mammography: Current State-Of-The-Art
Scalability and Interoperability Issues in IoT enabled Smart Cities (SIIoT)
Layla Aziz, Samira Achki and Abdelali El Gourari Efficient   Cluster-Head Selection using BWM-TOPSIS Tool

Special Session 6:

Language Models for Natural Language Processing Tasks (LMNLP)
Hassen Mahdhaoui, Abdelkarim Mars and Mounir Zrigui Optimizing   Arabic Named Entity Recognition through Active Learning and AraBERT
Semantic-based Knowledge Systems (SemKS)
Rasha   Kadhem, Souheyl Mallat and Mounir Zrigui Survey Semantic   Arabic Language in Deep Learning Based    Recommendation System
Amani Mechergui and Wahiba Ben Abdessalem Karaa Twice-Trained   Agglomerative Clustering Approach Using Topic Modeling over Generic Semantic   Core Knowledge Graph

Poster Session

Students Track

Marwen Ghabi, Sofiane Khalfallah and Hela Ltifi Classification of soil texture using Machine Learning Techniques
Jean Raphael Richa Data Quality Definitions and Metrics Essential For Data Obsolescence Detection Within Connected Environments
Anwer Mbiriki, Chaker Katar and Ahmed Badreddine Establishment of a Blockchain Consortium for Managing Nodes in CPS Applications Using Smart Contracts: A Practical Model for Smart Factories

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