Preliminary Program

9th of Oct, Monday 10th of Oct, Tueday 11th of Oct, Wednesday 12th of Oct, Thursday
8:00-9:00 Registration Registration Registration
9:00-9:30 Opening Session Research IV Applications III Competition Research VI Industrial Journal II DSSBA GraDSI II LfTD
9:30-10:00 Plenary Session
10:00-10:30 Plenary Session
10:30-11:00 Research I Applications I PSTDA I Plenary Session Plenary Session
11:00-11:20 Coffee Break
11:20-11:30 Plenary Panel
11:30-11:50 Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:50-12:00 Research V Applications IV PRAXAI I Research VII Journal III DISA
12:00-12:20 Coffee Break
12:20-12:40 Research II Applications II PSTDA II Closing Session
12:40-13:20 Lunch Break
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14:00-14:30 Trip to Vergina
14:30-15:00 Plenary Tutorial Research VIII CIVIL I SmartCities I
15:00-16:00 Research III PSTDA III AISC
16:00-16:20 Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:20-16:30 Applications V Journal I PRAXAI II CIVIL II GraDSI I SmartCities II
Reception Dinner


  Research 1: Advanced Analytics and Knowledge Discovery Methods

3396 Martin Trat and Jivka   Ovtcharova Designing Concept   Drift Detection Ensembles: A Survey
3792 Dominik Bojko, Jacek   Cichoń and Mirosław Kutyłowski Sliding Window   Sampling over Data Stream — A Solution Based on Devil’s Staircases
8708 Chiara Balestra, Bin   Li and Emmanuel Müller slidSHAPs – sliding   Shapley Values for correlation-based change detection in time series
9196 Yadi Han, Shanshan   Wang, Yiwen Li, Xueyang Cao, Limei Huang and Zhenxiang Chen Measurement of   Illegal Android Gambling App Ecosystem From Joint Promotion Perspective

  Research 2:   Advanced Classification Methods

206 Etienne Vareille,   Adel Abbas, Michele Linardi and Vassilis Chrsitopides Evaluating   Explanation Methods of Multivariate Time Series Classification through Causal   Lenses
5538 Etienne Le Naour,   Ghislain Agoua, Nicolas Baskiotis and Vincent Guigue Interpretable Time   Series representation for Classification Purposes
8794 Arshveer Kaur, Poonam   Goyal and Navneet Goyal LSFuseNet:   Dual-Fusion of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Multispectral Time Series for   Permutation Invariant Applications
9848 Carolina Jeronimo,   Zenilton Patrocínio Jr., Simon Malinowski, Guillaume Gravier and Silvio   Guimaraes A Novel Method for   Temporal Graph Classification Based on Transitive Reduction

  Research 3:   Time Series and Forecasting

1481 Grzegorz Dudek Combining Forecasts   using Meta-Learning: A Comparative Study for Complex Seasonality
2642 Yang Yang, Zhilin   Zhao and Longbing Cao Deep Spectral Copula   Mechanisms Modeling Coupled and Volatile Multivariate Time Series
5590 Ruoxuan Zhu, Yi Qian,   Hui Zheng, Xing Wang, Junlan Feng, Lin Zhu and Chao Deng Spatial-Temporal   Residual Multi-Graph Convolution Network for Traffic Forecasting
6478 Yang Lin Adversarial Mutual   Learning Neural Network for Non-AutoRegressive Multi-Horizon Time Series   Forecasting

  Research 4:   Knowledge Graphs and Graph Learning

5858 Prasad Calyam, Xiyao   Cheng, Yuanxun Zhang, Harsh Joshi and Mayank Kejriwal Knowledge Graph-based   Embedding for Connecting Scholars in Academic Social Networks
6363 Luisa Werner, Nabil   Layaïda, Pierre Genevès and Sarah Chlyah Knowledge Enhanced   Graph Neural Networks for Graph Completion
8123 Xiangfu Meng, Hongjin   Huo, Xiaoyan Zhang and Wanchun Wang Lightweight Graph   Convolutional Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Approach Incorporating   Social Relationships
9693 Sam Yuen, Paula   Branco, Aaron Chew, Guy-Vincent Jourdan, Fabian Lim and Laura Wynter Are GNNs the Right   Tool to Mine the Blockchain? The Case of the Bitcoin Generator Scam

  Research 5:   Feature and Label Learning

1247 Yan-Wen Xiong,   Heng-Ru Zhang, Fan Min and Peng-Cheng Li Sample Topology   Exploration for Label Distribution Learning
2090 Rezaur Rashid, Jawad   Chowdhury and Gabriel Terejanu Causal Feature   Selection: Methods and a Novel Causal Metric Evaluation Framework
2115 Łukasz Struski, Adam   Pardyl, Jacek Tabor and Bartosz Zieliński ProPML: Probability   Partial Multi-label Learning
9675 Pascal Weber, Lukas   Miklautz, Akshey Kumar, Claudia Plant and Moritz Grosse-Wentrup CaFe DBSCAN: A   Density-based Clustering Algorithm for Causal Feature Learning

  Research 6:   Learning Methods and Theories

248 Chiyu Cai, Wei Wang   and Yuan Jiang Adaptive Clustered   Federated Learning with Representation Similarity
2097 Udhaya Kumar   Rajendran, Amine Trabelsi and Amir Ben Khalifa Learning   Representations through Contrastive Strategies for a more Robust Stance   Detection
5980 Pietro Recalcati,   Fabio Garcea, Luca Piano, Fabrizio Lamberti and Lia Morra Toward a Realistic   Benchmark for Out-of-Distribution Detection
9826 Carina Newen and   Emmanuel Müller On the Independence   of Adversarial Transferability to Topological Changes

  Research 7:   Optimization

3606 João Victor Galvão da   Mata and Martin Skovgaard Andersen AdaSub: Stochastic   Optimization Using Second-Order Information in Low-Dimensional Subspaces
4003 Wan-Jhen Wu,   Shiou-Chi Li and Jen-Wei Huang ISGP: Influence   Maximization on Dynamic Social Networks Using Influence SubGraph Propagation
5396 Witold Wydmański,   Oleksii Bulenok and Marek Śmieja Unlocking Tabular   Data Secrets with Hypernetworks
7888 Lihi Idan Organizational   Resource Scheduling using Deep Reinforcement Learning

  Research 8:   Algorithms for Learning and Testing

2690 Bochao Zhang, Rui   Shao, Jingda Du, Pc Yuen and Wei Luo Tackling Model   Mismatch with Mixup Regulated Test-Time Training
3751 Pei-Chang Chen,   Hao-Shang Ma and Jen-Wei Huang Natural Language   Inference by Integrating Deep and Shallow Representations with Knowledge   Distillation
3838 Srivas Chennu, Andrew   Maher, Christian Pangerl, Subash Prabanantham, Jae Hyeon Bae, Jamie Martin   and Bud Goswami Rapid and Scalable   Bayesian AB Testing
7006 Cynthia Hom, William   Yik and George Montanez Finite-Sample Bounds   for Two-Distribution Hypothesis Tests

  Applications I: Business and Industry

295 Léonard   Tschora, Tias Guns, Erwan Pierre, Marc Plantevit and Celine Robardet Electricity   Price Forecasting Based on Order Books: A Differentiable Optimization   Approach
898 Issam   Benamara and Emmanuel Viennet Contextual   Advertising Strategy Generation via Attention and Interaction Guidance
1828 Jiaxi   Li, Guansong Pang, Ling Chen and Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad HRGCN:   Heterogeneous Graph-level Anomaly Detection with Hierarchical   Relation-augmented Graph NeuralNetworks
8711 Kuan   Yan, Junbin Gao and Dmytro Matsypura FIW-GNN:   A Heterogeneous Graph-based Learning Model for Credit Card Fraud Detection

  Applications II: Business and Education

4370 Soheila   Farokhi, Aswani Yaramala, Jiangtao Huang, Muhammad Fawad Akbar Khan, Xiaojun   Qi and Hamid Karimi Enhancing   the Performance of Automated Grade Prediction in MOOC using Graph   Representation Learning
4596 Giuseppe   Rizzo and Angelo Impedovo Supplier   Qualification Document Recognition through Open-set Recognition
6588 Youssef   Oubelmouh, Frédéric Fargon, Cyril de Runz, Arnaud Soulet and Cyril Veillon Identifying   Survival-Changing Sequential Patterns for Employee  Attrition Analysis
7001 Peter   Nagy and Heidar Davoudi Towards   Deep Learning Models for Automatic Computer Program Grading

  Applications III: Society and Human

281 Fabien   Delorme, David Ing, Said Jabbour, Nelly Robin and Lakhdar Sais Classification   with Explanation for Human Trafficking Networks Detection
760 Maksim   Koptelov, Margaux Holveck, Bruno Cremilleux, Justine Reynaud, Mathieu Roche   and Maguelonne Teisseire Towards   a (Semi-)Automatic Urban Planning Rule Identification  in the French Language
1069 Alessandro   Falcetta, Massimo Pavan, Stefano Canali, Viola Schiaffonati and Manuel Roveri To   Personalize or Not To Personalize? Soft Personalization and the Ethics of ML   for Health
3177 Christina   Karagianni, Eva Paraschou, Sofia Yfantidou and Athena Vakali MINDSET:   A benchMarking suIte exploring seNsing Data for SElf sTates inference

  Applications IV: Science and Environment

975 Soudabeh   Taghian Dinani and Doina Caragea Disaster   Image Classification Using Pre-trained Transformer and Contrastive Learning   Models
1204 Lukas   Miklautz, Andrii Shkabrii, Collin Leiber, Bendeguz Tobias, Benedict Seidl,   Elisabeth Weissensteiner, Andreas Rausch, Christian Böhm and Claudia Plant Non-Redundant   Image Clustering of Early Medieval Glass Beads
3360 Chetraj   Pandey, Anli Ji, Trisha Nandakumar, Rafal Angryk and Berkay Aydin Exploring   Deep Learning for Full-disk Solar Flare Prediction with Empirical Insights   from Guided Grad-CAM Explanations
8193 Yash   Gupta, Navneet Goyal, Vishal John Varghese and Poonam Goyal Utilizing   MODIS Fire Mask for Predicting Forest Fires Using Landsat-9/8 and   Meteorological Data

  Applications V: Medicine

1729 Fatoumata   Dama, Christine Sinoquet and Corinne Lejus-Bourdeau A   Framework for Context-Sensitive Prediction in Time Series – Feasibility Study   for Data-Driven Simulation in Medicine
3929 Errikos   Streviniotis, Nikos Giatrakos, Yannis Kotidis, Thalia Ntiniakou and Miguel   Ponce de Leon Optimizing   Resource Allocation for Tumor Simulations over HPC Infrastructures
9626 Veronica   Guidetti, Giovanni Dolci, Erica Franceschini, Erica Bacca, Giulia Burastero,   Davide Ferrari, Valentina Serra, Fabrizio Di Benedetto, Cristina Mussini and   Federica Mandreoli Death   after Liver Transplantation: Mining Interpretable Risk Factors for Survival   Prediction

  Industrial Track

1867 Raphael   Fischer, Andreas Pauly, Rahel Wilking, Anoop Kini and David Graurock Prioritization   of Identified Data Science Use Cases in Industrial Manufacturing via C-EDIF   Scoring
3530 Jingwei   Zuo, Wenbin Li, Michele Baldo and Hakim Hacid Opportunistic   Air Quality Monitoring and Forecasting with Expandable Graph Neural Networks
8613 Daniele   Giampaoli, Francesca Cipollini, Denise Maffione and Luca Oneto Short-term   Forecast and Long-term Simulation for Accurate Energy Consumption Prediction.
9606 Georgios   Arvanitakis, Jingwei Zuo, Mthandazo Ndhlovu and Hakim Hacid Practical   Insights on Incremental Learning of New Human Physical Activity on the Edge


8444 Arijit Khan and Ehsan   Bonabi Mobaraki Interpretability   Methods for Graph Neural Networks

  PSTDA I: Private, Secure, and Trust Data Analytics

1142 Rongbo   Yang, Qianmu Li and Shunmei Meng Stochastic   Perturbation Averaging Boosts Transferability of Adversarial Examples
1508 Yun   Luo, Liangfu Lu, Xudong Cui, Yan Du, Yingying Bi, Limin Zhu and Christy Jie   Liang Novel   Few-shot Learning Based Fuzzy Feature Detection Algorithms
2158 Nabi   Rezvani, Amin Beheshti and Xuyun Zhang A   Contextualized Transformer-Based Method for Cyberbullying Detection
3116 Fahim   Faisal, Carson K. Leung, Noman Mohammed and Yang Wang Privacy-Preserving   Learning via Data and Knowledge Distillation

  PSTDA II: Private, Secure, and Trust Data Analytics

4064 Saeed   Alqubaisi, Deepak Puthal, Joy Dutta and Ernesto Damiani Privacy-aware   Adaptive Collaborative Learning Approach for Distributed Edge Networks
4174 Guowei   Zhang, Xuyun Zhang, Zhiyong Wang and Amin Beheshti Multi-Granularity   Entity Recognition Based Sentence Ranking for Multi-Document Summarization
5078 Debaditya   Roy and Sarunas Girdzijauskas Temporal   Differential Privacy for Human Activity Recognition
7586 Yaoze   Liu, Junwei Du, Haojie Li and Guanfeng Liu Graph   Disentangled Collaborative Filtering Based on Multi-order Similarity   Constraint

  PSTDA III: Private, Secure, and Trust Data Analytics

7732 Huixin   Zhan, Liyuan Gao, Kun Zhang, Zhong Chen and Victor Sheng Defend   the Graph Reconstruction Attacks for Simplicial Neural Networks
8804 Jingxiang   Xu, Ying Guo, Ziqi Wang, Fei Li and Ke Geng Underwater   Localization Based on Robust Privacy-preserving and Intelligent Correction of   Sound Velocity
8877 Junyao   Hu, Yimin He, Weiyu Zhang, Shuchao Pang, Ruhao Ma and Anan Du A   Multimodal Adversarial Database: Towards a Comprehensive Assessment of   Adversarial Attacks and Defenses on Medical Images
9272 Deng   Youxingzhu, Zhou Yipeng, Liu Gang, Hui Wang and Shui Yu Enhancing   Federated Learning by One-Shot Transferring of Intermediate Features from   Clients

  AISC: AI and   Data Science for Cybersecurity

798 Raed   Abdallah, Hassan Harb, Yehia Taher, Salima Benbernou and Rafiqul Haque CRIMEO:   Criminal Behavioral Patterns Mining and Extraction from Video Contents
1302 Suzan   Hajj, Joseph Azar, Jacques Bou Abdo, Jacques Demerjian, Abdallah Makhoul and   Dominique Ginhac Cross-layer   Federated Heterogeneous Ensemble Learning for Lightweight IoT Intrusion   Detection System
1495 Albert   Calvo, Santiago Escuder, Josep Escrig, Marta Arias, Nil Ortiz and Jordi   Guijarro A   Data-driven Approach for Risk Exposure Analysis in Enterprise Security
8072 Mohammed   Alqadhi, Ali Alkinoon, Saeed Salem and David Mohaisen Understanding   the Country-Level Security of Free Content Websites and their Hosting   Infrastructure
9614 Raphaelle   Akhras, Wassim El-Hajj, Hazem Hajj, Khaled Shaban and Rabih Jabr ECC:   Enhancing Smart Grid Communication with Ethereum Blockchain, Asymmetric   Cryptography, and Cloud Services

  Student Competition

200 Van Quan Nguyen,   Quang Huy Pham, Quang Dan Tran, Kien Bao Thang Nguyen and Hieu Nghia Nguyen MAT: Effective Link   Prediction via Mutual Attention Transformer
2971 Apostolos   Giannoulidis and Ioannis Mavroudopoulos Enhanced Edge   Prediction, A Case Study: Predicting Links in Wikipedia Sites
4465 Chau Thang Phan,   Quoc-Nam Nguyen and Kiet Nguyen Link Prediction for   Wikipedia Articles as a Natural Language Inference Task
4849 Anh Tran, Tam Nguyen   and Son Luu A Text-based Approach   For Link Prediction on Wikipedia Articles
7288 João Victor Galvão da   Mata and Martin Skovgaard Andersen Link Prediction on   Graphs Using NLP Embedding
7660 Aditya Kansal and   Rishabh Mehta DSAA 2023 Competition   – Link Prediction
8250 Weiwu Yang Achieving High   Performance in Link Prediction for Wikipedia Articles Using Ensemble Approach

  PRAXAI I: Practical Applications of Explainable Artificial Intelligence Methods

2146 Hamid   Sarmadi, Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, Mattias Ohlsson, Nils Roger Carlsson,   Ibrahim Wahab and Ola Hall Towards   Explaining Satellite Based Poverty Predictions with Convolutional Neural   Networks
2702 Dimitrios   Akrivousis, Nikolaos Mylonas, Ioannis Mollas and Grigorios Tsoumakas Text   Classification is Keyphrase Explainable! Exploring Local interpretability of   Transformer Models with Keyphrase Extraction
4701 Md. Rezaul   Karim, Md. Shajalal, Alex Graß, Till Döhmen, Sisay Adugna Chala, Christian   Beecks and Stefan Decker Interpreting   Black-box Models for High Dimensional Datasets
7159 Maciej   Szelążek, Daniel Hudson, Szymon Bobek, Grzegorz J. Nalepa and Martin   Atzmueller Enhanced   Explanations for Knowledge-Augmented Clustering Using Subgroup Discovery

  PRAXAI II: Practical Applications of Explainable Artificial Intelligence Methods

8136 Marek   Pawlicki Towards   Quality Measures for xAI algorithms: Explanation Stability
9745 Alejandro   Kuratomi, Zed Lee, Ioanna Miliou, Tony Lindgren and Panagiotis Papapetrou ORANGE:   Opposite label soRting for tANGent Explanations in heterogeneous spaces
9945 Gopal   Jamnal and Gopal Jamnal Instils   Trust in Random Forest Predictions

  DISA: Emerging Problems in Disinformation

462 Carson Leung Machine   Learning-Based Android Malware Detection
2017 Rafał Kozik,   Aleksandra Pawlicka, Marek Pawlicki and Michal Choras Model Stitching   Algorithm for Fake News Detection Problem
2937 Alexandros   Karakikes, Panagiotis Alexiadis, Theocharis Theocharopoulos, Nikolaos   Skoulidas, Dimitris Spiliotopoulos and Konstantinos Kotis Towards   Handling Bias in Intelligence Analysis with Twitter
3071 Sebastián   Basterrech, Andrzej Kasprzak, Jan Platos and Michal Wozniak A   Continual Learning System with Self Domain Shift Adaptation for Fake News   Detection
9929 Rafał   Kozik, Wojciech Mazurczyk, Krzysztof Cabaj, Aleksandra Pawlicka, Marek   Pawlicki and Michal Choras Combating   Disinformation with Holistic Architecture, Neuro-symbolic AI and NLU Models

  CIVIL I: Computational Imaging, Vision, Linguistics and Language

672 Yaping Zhao,   Qunsong Zeng and Edmund Lam Adaptive   Compressed Sensing for Real-Time Video Compression, Transmission, and   Reconstruction
996 Jianhong Wu   and Yingdong Ma A   CNN-Transformer Hybrid Network for Multi-scale object detection
1283 André   Mourão and Daniel Gomes Searching   Images in a Web Archive
1348 Roman   Kail, Kirill Fedyanin, Nikita Muravev, Alexey Zaytsev and Maxim Panov ScaleFace:   Uncertainty-aware Deep Metric Learning

  CIVIL II: Computational Imaging, Vision, Linguistics and Language

1562 Sebastian   Pokuciński and Dariusz Mrozek YOLO-based   Object Detection in Panoramic Images of Smart Buildings
5198 Zhen Yuen   Chong, Yaping Zhao, Zhongrui Wang and Edmund Lam Solving Inverse   Problems in Compressive Imaging with Score-Based Generative Models
6603 Ameeta   Agrawal, Lisa Singh, Elizabeth Jacobs, Yaguang Liu, Gwyneth Dunlevy,   Rhitabrat Pokharel and Varun Uppala All   Translation Tools Are Not Equal: Investigating the Quality of Language   Translation for Forced Migration

  SmartCities I: Smart City Data Analytics

385 Youcef   Djenouri and Nabil Belbachir Federated   Deep Learning for Managing Zero-Touch Networks in Smart City
1492 Katarzyna   Filus and Joanna Domanska Recycling   of Generic ImageNet-trained Models for Smart-city Applications
3267 Kaixia   Hu, Wensheng Gan, Gengsen Huang, Guoting Chen and Jerry Chun-Wei Lin Incremental   Targeted Mining in Sequences
4552 Ashutosh   Dhar Dwivedi, Subhrangshu Adhikary, Subhayu Dutta and Jens Myrup Pedersen Price   Prediction of Digital Currencies Using Machine Learning
4851 Jarosław   Flak, Tomasz Skowron, Rafał Cupek, Marcin Fojcik, Dariusz Caban and Adam   Domański ZigBee   Network for AGV Communication in Industrial Environments

  SmartCities II: Smart City Data Analytics

5611 Friedemann   Schwenkreis Automated   Detection of Trajectory Groups Based on SNN-Clustering and Relevant Frequent   Itemsets
7272 M S Mekala,   Elyad Eyad and Gm Srivastava Object-aware   Multi-criteria Decision-Making Approach Using Heuristic data-driven Theory   for Intelligent Transportation Systems
7395 Bozena   Malysiak-Mrozek, Stanisław Kozielski and Dariusz Mrozek Predicting   Conflict Zones on Terrestrial Routes of Automated Guided Vehicles with Fuzzy   Querying on Apache Kafka
9316 Isaac   Manring, James Hill, Paul Brantingham, George Mohler, Thomas Williams and   Bruce White Low-Cost   Gunshot Detection System with Localization for Community Based Violence   Interruption

  GraDSI I: Graph Data Science and Applications

1414 Michiharu   Yamashita, Jia Tracy Shen, Hamoon Ekhtiari, Thanh Tran and Dongwon Lee Data   Scientist vs. Machine Learning Engineer: Nomalizing Job Titles with   Multi-Aspect Embeddings and Reasoning
3417 Alessia   Galdeman, Tommaso Locatelli, Matteo Zignani and Sabrina Gaito Unfolding   Temporal Networks through Statistically Significant Graph Evolution Rules
3687 Bishal   Lakha, Jason Duran, Edoardo Serra and Francesca Spezzano Prediction   of Future Nation-initiated Cyber Attacks from News-based Political Event   Graph

  GraDSI II: Graph Data Science and Applications

4602 Dimitrios Proios, Anthony Yazdani, Alban Bornet, Julien Ehrsam, Islem Rekik and Douglas Teodoro Leveraging patient similarities via graph neural networks to predict phenotypes from temporal data
4974 Giang Ngo and Nhi Vo Enhancing Recommendation Systems with Hybrid Manifold Regularized Knowledge Graph
9399 Shruti Saxena and Joydeep Chandra EvoAlign: A Continual Learning Framework for Aligning Evolving Networks

  DSSBA: Data Science for Social and Behavioral Analytics

5040 Carson Leung Enhanced Mining of High Utility Patterns from Streams of Dynamic Profit
6124 Zefeng   Chen, Wensheng Gan, Gengsen Huang, Yanxin Zheng and Philip S. Yu Towards   Contiguous Sequences in Uncertain Data
7645 Krzysztof   Kutt, Łukasz Ściga and Grzegorz J. Nalepa Emotion-based   Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in Video Games

  LfTD: Learning from Temporal Data

321 Hadi   Fanaee-T 1NN-DTW ARIMA LSTM: A New Ensemble for Forecasting   Multi-domain/Multi-context Time Series
4830 Amal   Saadallah Online   Explainable Model Selection for Time Series Forecasting
7611 Ali   Ismail-Fawaz, Maxime Devanne, Stefano Berretti, Jonathan Weber and Germain   Forestier LITE:   Light Inception with boosTing tEchniques for Time Series Classification