Accepted Special Sessions

List of the accepted Special Sessions in DSAA 2023:

Title Organizers
Uncovering and Preventing Malicious Activities in Social Networks using Data Science and Machine Learning(MalUncover)

David Camacho Ioannis Kompatsiaris Alejandro Martín
Budi Arief Javier Huertas Arkaitz Zubiaga
Smart City Data Analytics: Applications and Implications Jerry Chun-Wei Lin Gautam Srivastava Rafal Cupek
Practical Applications of Explainable Artificial Intelligence Methods(PRAXAI)

Szymon Bobek Grzegorz J. Nalepa Przemysław Biecek
Victor Rodriguez-Fernandez
Learning from Temporal Data João Mendes-Moreira Joydeep Chandra Albert Bifet
Private, Secure, and Trust Data Analytics(PSTDA)

Amin Beheshti Victor Sheng Jilin Hu
Guanfeng Liu Lianyong Qi Hongsheng Hu
Xuyun Zhang
AI and Data Science for Cybersecurity Mahmoud Barhamgi David Camacho Noora Fetais
Graph Data Science and Applications (GraDSI) Fragkiskos Malliaros Jhony H. Giraldo
Computational methods for emerging problems in disinformation analysis (DISA) Michał Choraś Michal Wozniak
Computational Imaging, Vision, Linguistics and Language(CIVIL) Yaping Zhao
Geospatial Data Analysis Under the Umbrella of One Health (EnGeoData)

Mathieu Roche Hamid Laga Juan Antonio Lossio-Ventura
Maguelonne Teisseire
Intelligent Dialogue Management and Knowledge Infusion in Human Computer Interaction (ChatHCI) Thanassis Mavropoulos Georgios Meditskos Stefanos Vrochidis
Data Science for Social and Behavioral Analytics(DSSBA)

Philippe Fournier-Viger Wensheng Gan Uday Kiran Rage
Xiaojun Chen Philip S. Yu